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Hot on the heels of the Meteor, the Crimson takes center stage as the newest IEM in the Symphonium Audio lineup. Featuring the culmination of two years of R&D and product improvements, the Crimson embodies the evolution of Symphonium Audio.

Crafted to rival the industry's leading offerings, the Crimson stands as a compelling product bearing the Symphonium label.

The Next Standard

The Crimson sounds bold and captivating, reminiscent of high-end speaker configurations. Endowed with a larger bass signature, it retains impeccable control and texture on the low end.
Soundstage is wide mimicking the experience of standing in front of a live stage. 
Vocals are natural and sweet, and detail retrieval is reference-level.

With the inclusion of PHAT technology, the Crimson is free from unecessary frequencey inversions or phase cancellations. The outcome is a treble that is not only smooth but also well extended. The combination of these characteristics makes the Crimson dynamically engaging and uniquely captivating to listen to.

Rediscover your love for music again!


The Crimson comes with an exclusive Altalune Audio Novaron 26AWG Type 2 Litz OCC copper cable terminated in OE Interchangeable Plugs with 4.4mm and 3.5mm heads.

This Symphonium Crimson exclusive variant of the Novaron also features a unique construction to complement the Crimson. 

Choose between a 4-wire or 8-wire configuration to best fit your needs.

The Crimson comes with OE Plugs in 3.5mm and 4.4mm configurations.

If you require a 2.5mm configuration, please purchase the extra plug head here.