Representing a generational leap for us, Helios utilises new designs and technology that we have developed specifically to achieve our desired tuning. Helios features an exceptionally clean sub-bass punch that hits hard yet does not colour vocal presentation. With a midrange that is smooth yet clear and detailed coupled with a treble extension that pushes the limit of balanced armature technology, we are able to combine the best features of different monitors into a single product.


Infinite Linearity

Featuring Frequency Linearity Acoustic Tuning (FLAT) Technology, a propriety circuit developed in-house with Subtonic LLP, Helios will not be affected by impedence mismatch due to difference in source used.
Meaning you will be able to listen to the same unimpeded sound regardless of the player you are using.

Go ahead, plug them into your mixer*.

Custom Cable

We believe in providing our customers with a complete package with it comes to our in-ear monitors.
As such, each Helios comes with a specially hand-built 26 AWG OCC Copper cable from Altalune Audio that has been carefully matched, down to the solder used, to provide the best listening experience possible.


All Symphonium Audio In-Ear Monitors are made of machined AL6061 Aluminium alloy.
The T6 Variant of AL6061 we are using is artificially tempered to provide the maximum possible strength and hardness for our In-Ear Monitors.