HiBy RS8

The RS8 is a Darwin-based R2R Flagship DAP from HiBy. Featuring a pitch-dark background with loads of musicality, spaciousness, resolution and PRaT; the RS8 is a great device for those looking for nothing but the best.

Paired with the Crimson or the Helios, the HiBy RS8 bundle is a great example of how well both the Crimson and the Helios scale; easily taking full advantage of the RS8's resolution without missing a beat. Experience the summit of porta-fi in one bundle.

HiBy R6 Pro II

Featuring Dual AK4499EX DACs + AK4191EQ with native DSD and PCM decoding, the R6 Pro II sounds smooth and refined with a laid-back soundstage and punchy bass with exceptional imaging and instrument separation.

The HiBy R6 Pro II offers incredible value as an upper mid-tier DAP. With the Crimson and Helios harnessing the best from the device, one can expect hours upon of hours of listening enjoyment.

HiBy RS2

Featuring a Custom OS (PureAudio HiByOS) with Darwin R2R Architecture, the Hiby RS2 is a purist's dream. Boasting a uniquely natural sounding midrange while retaining technicalities and detail with a touch of overall warmth. Experience fuller mids with the Helios and a lush treble with the Meteors!

Equipped with HiBy's continuously evolving DarwinV2 filters and MSEB features, the RS2 stands as an adaptable and versatile choice!

HiBy FC4

Featuring Dual ESS ES9218 DACs with 3.5mm single ended and 4.4mm balanced outputs, it has a warm forgiving sound signature while remaining refined and dynamic.

The FC4 easily punches above its weight. Paired with the Meteor in balanced mode, users can expect a great sounding combo in a small package. This is our go-to recommendation for those looking for an introduction to portable audio.