Special Editions

We occasionally partner with trusted distributors or artists to offer limited production runs of selected products. Each item boasts a unique aesthetic and/or sound profile.

Symphonium x Doku Paradise

Special Colored Helios

A Limited Number of Helios were Hand-Painted by Ms. Doku Doll from Doku Paradise - A very talented artist known for her intricate spray painting works on figurines. Based on the OG Helios, each set carries a unique colored faceplate.

Limited Edition of 7.

Symphonium x Elise Audio

Helios SE

A Collaboration with our UK Distributor Elise Audio. We developed the Helios SE - a reimagination of the OG Helios in a new shell format. With a subtle retuning in the bass and treble regions, the Helios SE offers enhanced versatility and comfort compared to its predecessor

Limited Edition of 50.

And... More To Come!