Our Technologies


Our proprietary circuit design proudly developed in-house with Subtonic. Filtered Linear Attenuation Tuning (FLAT) Technology ensures a flat and linear impedance curve across the frequency range. The result is an IEM that sounds consistent across varying source devices, free from frequency response change due to impedance mismatch. A true hallmark of engineering excellence. 


Phase Harmony Attenuation Technology (PHAT), developed by Symphonium Audio reduces any possible undesirable phase cancellation or frequency inversions present between drivers. This requires rigorous driver selection and circuit implementation in order to achieve the desired driver synergy. The result is a class-leading treble response past 10khz well into 20khz and beyond.


Introducing CORE, our custom-designed and SLA 3D-printed internal structure. CORE facilitates custom chambering designs and reduces unwanted resonance by ensuring a more consistent driver mounting. With internal venting and filtering capabilities, CORE can enhance both airflow and acoustics; specific to each driver for superior sound performance while also accommodating pressure relief designs. Additionally, CORE maximizes space efficiency and opens the door for more elaborate acoustic designs.

TrueX™ Crossover

A testament to our highest engineering standards, TrueX Crossovers boast an electrically isolated signal path for each driver in our multi-driver designs. Every component is chosen and placed with intent in our electrical designs to provide the correct signal to the optimal driver. No inflated crossover number counts or quasi-crossover designs found here; just pure engineering excellence for an uncompromised audio experience.


Featuring strict quality control standards, every earphone is individually measured on an B&K 4195-Q; IEC 60318-4 coupler and compared against a strict reference with industry leading software before being sorted to best-matching pairs. Symphonium's PrecisionMatch ensures each set of earphones adhere to a strict reference curve with minimal unit variance - a feat made possible only through the expertise of our highly skilled technicians.

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