Our Story

Quality Earphones for the discerning listener


Symphonium was conceptualized in early 2015, when our founding members were unhappy with the current offerings and state of the personal audio market. 
Many earphones on the market were made to be low-cost, easy to replace and were not designed to last long. Moreover, product cycles are too fast with products turning obsolete or facing discontinuation within a year. 
We want to introduce the idea of slow product cycles to break the pace of unsustainable market trends, where our customers can enjoy our earphones for years on end knowing that our earphones are designed to last in both physical quality and in sound quality. 
The only way to do this is to design a product from the ground up to use high quality components and tuning the exact response we require from our drivers, so that our products have a competitive edge over all others. 
All Symphonium IEMs are proudly designed in Singapore, with each pair of IEMs intricately handmade for you in our local laboratory so that we can maintain a high level of consistency and quality for all of our IEMs.