About Us

Our Story


Humble Beginnings

Symphonium was conceptualized in 2016 with a founding team of 3 members.

Dissatisfied with the current state of the portable audio market we were inspired to carve our own path by designing and developing earphones with an audio-first philosophy with a focus on innovative design and premium materials.

The inital years were spent on planning as well as developing relationships with suppliers in the industry in order to source parts for our products.


First Products

Our first two products the Aurora and Mirage were first released at CanJam Singapore 2018.

The focus was to tune both IEMs to have a warm and relaxed tuning without compromise on its clarity. The vocal range of singers were tuned to be sweet-sounding and their guitars intimate and pleasant.

The Aurora and Mirage served as an introduction of our brand into the portable audio market.


First Partnerships

We proudly partnered with Subtonic in 2021 to share R&D, co-develop technologies and manufacture their individual products such as the Subtonic S.T.O.R.M

The release of our first Reference IEM, Helios and our first Hybrid IEM the Triton in the same year represented a generational leap for us as well as a pivot into the high end audio market.

Featuring FLAT technology co-developed with Subtonic the Helios has since been recognized for it's legendary technical ability at the kilobuck price point.


The New Wave

Symphonium Audio remains at the forefront of innovation in the audio market, driven by an unwavering commitment to audio quality.

Our team has continues to grow, evolving from our founding members to a fully capable team. We remain a proudly independent manufacturer that proudly designs and manufactures each earphone entirely in-house, from start to finish.

We firmly believe in the principle of quality inputs yielding quality outputs, and our stringent standards guarantee that our consumers experience nothing short of excellence.

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Our Vision

The core of our purpose is a vision to revolutionize the way the world connects with music, guiding individuals to experience sound in its truest essence. We firmly believe that greatness breeds greatness, and by excelling in our craft, we can inspire greatness in those we touch.

We are committed to pioneering designs and placing a strong emphasis on craftsmanship in every product we create.