Our Story

Relentless Perfection

Symphonium was conceptualized in 2015 with our founding members dissatisfied with the state of the personal audio market.

We thus set out to design and manufacture our own IEMs from the ground up with a focus on sound quality, reliability, premium materials and innovative designs.

Our founding journey has not been an easy one, countless failed prototypes and manufacturing difficulties had to be overcome in order for us to get where we are today.

We are incredibly thankful to be able to build relationships and partnerships across the years that have allowed us to forge our place in the personal audio market.
Our team has grown considerably, evolving from our founding members to a fully capable team that now manufactures each earphone entirely in-house, from start to finish.

Everyone at Symphonium Audio is incredibly passionate about building exceptional products and it is our greatest wish for our customers to feel our passion through our products. 

Crafted with passion for audio enthusiasts

Our Vision

The core of our purpose is a vision to revolutionize the way the world connects with music, guiding individuals to experience sound in its truest essence. We firmly believe that greatness breeds greatness, and by excelling in our craft, we can inspire greatness in those we touch.