English Reviews:

“The Helios sets the standard at a kilobuck for BA bass”
Precogvision -

"Resolution is superb across every instrument and frequency range. It’s more than worthy of the Helios’ kilobuck status"
FC Construct -

“The Helios was what got me listening to all BA IEMs again… It is incredibly coherent and well-balanced”

"There's clever engineering ongoing here in addition to some compromises too, with the end result being a highly resolving set that is tuned well and sounds great."
Techpowerup - Highly Recommended Award

“This sets a new benchmark for technical performance at the ~$1000 price point”

“Helios is a technical powerhouse. If you are into raw details then Helios will not disappoint.”
BonGoBiLai (Head-Fi)

"The Helios is a very well-tuned IEM that expresses a nice deep sub-bass presentation with clean lower-mids, and a smooth mid-range and treble response"
Audio Discourse

"Easily the best sounding IEM I have heard"
Acho Reviews

"The Helios is simply terrific in some front that I would prefer it over some TOTLs" 
Banbeu Hobby Lounge

"With price range leading technical performance across the board... that's Helios, and I can't really think of anything else that comes close"

"The Helios expresses an unambiguous identity through its energy, incisiveness and strong technical performance."

Japanese Review:

Audio Sound Premium

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Spanish Review:

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English Reviews: 

The Triton's sound is warmer, more intimate, and most of all - smooth. It takes the sound of the Helios and conveys a more coherent interpretation. 
Precogvision -

"The Triton presents one of the more natural presentations of the many IEMs I've listened to recently. It's subtle and analog in its presentation, but isn't smeared by haze or any of that."
Audio Discourse

"While the Helios seems like an all-out assault against the sub-$2k (and even higher) IEM market with a focus on stage, treble, and technicalities, the Triton is more like comfort food."

"It has a more linear and controlled 7dB bass shelf, neutral lower-midrange, slightly recessed upper-midrange in the 1-7kHz region and fairly balanced treble presentation which goes for balance over boosted sparkle or air."
Animagus - Twister6


English Reviews:

“I like how they sound and I love how they look, and I don’t even like red…They have some fantastic bass”

"The texture and detail in the bass is one of the best I've heard."
Jay Audio

“Really nice enveloping head stage with awesome treble”

“This has set the bar from what all IEMs need to do for me to even be considered buying.” 
Freeryder05 (Head-Fi)

“There hasn't been a single IEM that I've tried over $500 that I've been like 'I've got to have this!'... until now” 

"A signature that presents the music with enthusiastic liveliness because of tasteful boosts at both ends"
nimagus - Twister6

Japanese Review:

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