How To: Maintaining Your IEMs


How To Maintain Your Symphonium Audio IEMs

Consistent maintenance practices go a long way in prolonging the longevity of your Symphonium Audio IEMs. Maintenance of your IEMs is actually really quick and easy! Here are some tips to prolong the life of your IEMs and cables:

    1. Using the included brush to clean your earphones

      Frequency: once a week

      The brush is able to get rid of excess earwax that accumulates on the mesh filters found on the nozzle of our IEMs. Simply run the brush on the mesh filter to get rid of any soft earwax. If you find any stubborn earwax, gently use the metal wire end of the cleaning tool to clean the mesh filter.


      2.Wiping shells down with a slightly damp cloth or alcohol wipe

      Frequency: once a week

      Use a slightly damp cloth or alcohol wipe to clean the metal shells. This prevents earwax, dirt, and grime from re-entering your ear and is a good hygiene practice in general. Don’t worry - the isopropyl alcohol will not damage the metal shells!



      3.Clean eartips with alcohol wipes

      Frequency: once a week

      Ear tips tend to hold earwax, dirt, and grime over prolonged periods. Use an alcohol wipe on both the exterior and interior surface of the ear tips. Remember to also clean the underside of the eartip flanges as well!


      4. Always store IEMs in carrying case

      Our metal carrying case has high crush resistance, so strong that you can run a car over it and your IEMs will not even see a dent. In fact, you can even run a car over our metal IEMs themselves (do not try this at home). 

      We would not recommend storing your IEMs in your pants pocket or bag without a case. Pockets and bags contain dirt and dust that may enter the earphone. In addition, storing your earphones in your pocket will likely cause additional stress on the cable connectors, drastically shortening the lifespan of the cable. Cables tend to be the first failure point in any earphone - take great care of the cable. 

      Lastly, should the IEMs be exposed to a lot of sweat and moisture, avoid immediately storing them after use. We recommend airing the IEMs out and then using a silica gel packet to draw moisture away from the IEMs. 


      5.Maintaining your earphone cables

      Frequency: once a month 

      The sleeving used on earphone cables can turn sticky over time and accumulate smell (especially in humid climates) if it is not cleaned often. Use an alcohol wipe to remove oil and sweat on your cable, lest the sleeving of the wires will harden over time. 

      In addition, make sure not to bend the cable plugs when inserted. The smaller 2.5mm plugs, in particular, can be rather prone to bending damage. 

      Lastly, use the over-under method when coiling your cables. This method prevents the cable from getting tangled and significantly improves the longevity of the wires.


      6. Avoid knocking the IEMs against other surfaces

      To quote our friend and reviewer Precogvision, ‘the shells are quite robust thanks to their 6061-T6 aluminum construction and hard anodization. I've banged my Helios around plenty, and they're no worse the wear for the abuse.’

      While the shells themselves are not prone to damage, the drivers within the earphones are susceptible to damage, especially shock. Handle with care and avoid dropping your IEMs to prolong life.

      And that covers it! These maintenance practices will not take longer than 5 minutes and your gear will look new and shiny all the time. The small things you do really add up over time. 

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