What Is: PHAT?

What Is: PHAT?

Following the success of the Symphonium Helios in 2021, we were presented with a new challenge: to create a product with a smaller form factor. We thus set our sights to design an IEM with these objectives in mind.

The problem:

Typical multi BA driver designs require individual tubes to be placed on the output of each driver in order to direct sound to the nozzle and beyond.
The problem is that these tubes require a minimum tube diameter (and thus nozzle diameter) per driver. Using tubes of incorrect diameter for certain drivers will negatively impact the sound response. This also takes up valuable space in the IEM, making it difficult to fit into a smaller and more comfortable shell.

A solution was therefore necessary to overcome this technical limitation while retaining sound quality. This solution has evolved today to what we call PHAT - Phase Harmony Attenuation Technology.

How is PHAT implemented?

Through a comprehensive testing program, we first identify drivers that have optimal synergy with each other in terms of both electrical and sonic characteristics.

A shortlist of drivers that match our requirements is created and circuitry is designed to bring out the best from each individual driver. This circuitry has to be designed in such a way that each driver outputs at the correct phase, minimizing any phase cancellation between drivers. The drivers are then positioned together, forming what we call a combined driver module.

We then conduct tests using multiple PHAT modules to assess the frequency response before selecting the most appropriate one, which is then attached to the combined driver module. 

By consolidating the output of multiple drivers into a single bore design, PHAT ensures a clear and coherent sound across the entire frequency range, while also enabling us to achieve enhanced treble extension.


Example of PHAT

This single bore design ameliorates the need for running multiple driver tubings all the way to the end of the nozzle. Thereby saving valuable real-estate within the shell and nozzle design. The result is a smaller form factor, making for a more comfortable wearing experience.


Meteor x Go Pod

The Meteor; our first earphone featuring this technology, is a testament to our commitment to innovation and delivering an exceptional audio experience. 

Check out the Meteor here!

eteor x Go Pod Bundle

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