Crimson x HiBy Bundle

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Symphonium x HiBy

Crimson + RS8 @ $4399, Save $399!
Crimson + R6 PRO II @ $2049, Save $199!

HiBy RS8 - The RS8 is a Darwin-based R2R flagship DAP from HiBy. Featuring a pitch-dark background with loads of musicality, spaciousness, resolution and PRaT; the RS8 is a great device for those looking for nothing but the best. 

Paired with the Crimson, the HiBy RS8 bundle is a great example of how well the Crimson scales; easily taking full advantage of the RS8's resolution without missing a beat. Experience the summit of porta-fi in one bundle.

R6 Pro II - Featuring dual AK4499EX DACs + AK4191EQ with native DSD and PCM decoding, the R6 Pro II sounds smooth and refined with a laid-back soundstage and punchy bass with exceptional imaging and instrument separation. 

The HiBy R6 Pro II offers incredible value as an upper mid-tier DAP. With the Crimson harnessing the best from the device, one can expect hours upon of hours of listening enjoyment.

Learn more about HiBy Players here:
RS8R6 Pro II (Gen2)RS2FC4

Style: RS8
Material: 4 Wire Exclusive Novaron
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