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Luna is the cable bundled with the Triton. If you would like a replacement, or a cable in another termination, then this is for you! 

Luna is proudly made in Singapore by Altalune Audio, a manufacturer of boutique cables dedicated in their craft of sonic and visual perfection.


If you would like a touch more treble extension in your music but do not want to sacrifice your bass or vocals, then Luna is the cable for you. Utilizing 26AWG OCC Silver-Plated Copper, Luna is designed to give that final touch of treble that you crave, without removing the slam and impact from your bass, or the lushness in your vocals.

Luna is soft, supple and comfortable to use. Microphonics are kept to a minimum as well and are perfect for use during your daily commute. Cables are hand braided and twisted to ensure the best quality and ergonomics. Plugs are made from metal for durability

Termination: 4.4mm
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6N OCC Silver-Plated Copper


Type 2 Litz



True Gauge



Audiophile-Grade Silver Solder




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